Roof Repair – How To Find A Good Candidate

Like any home repair job, roof repair requires a thorough assessment before anything can be done. That means looking for any dark stains or other signs of water damage on the ceiling, as well as checking shingle damage, roof vents, and flashing around chimneys, dormer windows, and so on.

Small cracks and holes are relatively easy to fix, as are clogged gutters or blocked drains. The bigger issues are harder to deal with, though. Whether you’re looking for a re-roofing job or are just remodeling your home, hiring a professional.

roof repair

Get A Free Estimate

A roof is a homeowner’s ultimate shield against the elements. Without a properly functioning, well-maintained roof, everything in the house is at risk of damage. From the sweltering summer sun to freezing winter snow, the house and its contents are at the mercy of Mother Nature if the roof isn’t in tip-top condition.

It’s a homeowner’s job to make sure the roof is in good working order, and that’s where a free estimate comes in handy. A free estimate allows the homeowner to shop around for a contractor with the best pricing and experience, and it helps them understand exactly what work needs to be done and how long it will take.

This helps homeowners avoid expensive mistakes by avoiding unnecessary repair projects and overspending. It also enables them to save money on utility bills by making the home more energy-efficient. The money saved from a well-maintained and efficient roof can be put towards other aspects of the home, such as a new kitchen or furniture.

In addition to saving money, a free estimate also helps the homeowner determine whether their roofing problems are an emergency. There are a few indicators that it’s time to call for help – water leaks in the attic or, worse still, in the living areas of the house, for example. Water leaks never get better on their own, and they can cause a lot of costly, irreversible damage in very little time.

If shingles are beginning to lose their granules, that’s another indicator that it’s time for an inspection and roof repair. Shingles are only made to last a certain amount of time, and when they begin to lose their granules, they’re not doing the job they’re supposed to do – protecting the rest of the home.

A healthy, well-maintained roof makes a house look beautiful. Not only will it enhance the curb appeal of the home, but it will also increase its resale value. This is because potential homebuyers will see that the owners have taken care of the house and its upkeep, and they’ll be more likely to want to buy it.

Inspect Your Roof

A roof is one of the most important parts of any home, protecting the underlying structures and contents from water intrusion. It can take quite a beating from wind, snow, rain, and other weather, but even with proper maintenance, it will eventually begin to wear down and require repair or replacement. When this happens, it is important to recognize the problem and have it fixed promptly.

The best way to determine if your roof is damaged is to perform an exterior inspection. This can be done from the ground with a pair of binoculars, or by getting up on a ladder and looking for obvious problems. If you do choose to get on the roof, be sure to use a ladder with wide, solid footing and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for positioning and height. Ladder accidents can be very dangerous and may result in injury or death.

Some of the signs to look for include a loss of granules (small pieces of shingle that help reflect sunlight) in gutters, loose or missing shingles, cracked or cupped shingles, and sagging or discolored areas. In addition, you should also check for damage to flashings (metal materials that direct water runoff) around chimneys, dormers, and vent pipes. Damaged flashings can let water into the interior of the house and cause rot in the wood.

It is also a good idea to inspect the underside of the roof at this time, as well as the valleys where the roof slopes meet. These are especially prone to leaks. You should also examine the inside of the attic and ceilings for stains, mold, rot, or water damage.

If you notice any of these problems, contact a professional roofer for a repair estimate. A professional can perform a detailed inspection and work with your insurance company to ensure that any damage caused by storms or age is paid for. A professional will also be able to tell you the approximate age of your roof and recommend an appropriate maintenance schedule. In some cases, a roof replacement may be necessary if the current structure is too old to be repaired.

Make The Right Choice

If your roof is a good candidate for repair, it’s important to make sure you understand the process. The first step is to find your problem – and that can be a challenge. You’ll need to get up into the attic, crawl space, or whatever it takes, to look at your roof. Take a camera, and make some high-res images so you can identify what’s going on. Then, check the outside — again, make images so you can spot any physical damage or discoloration that could be indicative of a bigger issue.

Once you’ve done a visual inspection, the next step is to assess the situation and determine what kind of roof repairs are possible. Is the problem isolated to one area, or has the roof deteriorated significantly? If the latter, it may be time for a partial or full reroof.

Partial reroofing is the best option for homeowners who want to extend the lifespan of their roofs, and it’s also a more cost-effective solution than replacing an entire roof. With this technique, old shingles are removed and replaced with new ones, which are then blended into the existing shingle pattern at the ridges and valleys.

The key to making this choice is evaluating the current condition of your roof and taking into account its age, extent of damage, energy efficiency needs, and plans for your home. Seeking advice from roofing professionals will help you weigh these options and choose the best course of action for your home.

In addition to being more affordable than a complete replacement, roof repair is also a faster and more convenient option. Repairing a damaged section of your roof can be completed in a much shorter amount of time, which can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to sell your home quickly.

Whether your roof needs repair or replacement, it’s crucial to act fast. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the problem will only worsen. So, don’t wait to get a roof inspection — and once you do, remember that the best course of action is almost always repair.

Don’t Do It Yourself

A lot of homeowners have ambitious projects they’d like to complete around the house during summer. Maybe they’re planting a garden or upgrading their outdoor furniture. But repairing the roof is a different story, and it’s best left to professionals.

Even if you have the right tools and equipment, a roof repair project can take far more time than you might think. First of all, you have to find the problem. Then, you have to figure out what you need to do about it. This can be a lengthy process that includes locating and purchasing the materials you’ll need to complete the job. Then, you need to determine how much your DIY roofing project will cost in terms of both material and labor.

Then, of course, other unforeseen challenges can come along during any construction project. And, when it comes to your roof, these challenges can be incredibly damaging to the integrity of your home’s structure.

It’s also important to remember that DIY projects can create a whole lot of extra waste. For example, shingles can be purchased in bundles that are larger than what you need for your roof repair project. So, you might have to throw away the excess shingles when you’re finished with your repairs, and this will add up quickly. Professional roofers use only the exact amount of materials they need for a given job, which is better for both you and your wallet.

Finally, you need to consider the weather conditions when attempting DIY roof repairs. You’re not going to want to be climbing up on the roof in howling winds or during a torrential downpour. And, if you’re dealing with a water leak that exposes the interior of your home or a structural issue, you need immediate help from a professional roofer.

So, the next time you’re thinking of taking on a new project at home, think twice before swinging that hammer. Unless you’re a certified roofer, it’s best to leave major roofing work to the pros. They have the skills, tools, and experience to ensure a job done well, while also protecting your family and property from costly damages.